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He said I have cancer. Well, did you...did you tell him you don't? Meatwad, I'm afraid it doesn't work that way.

Scrapper Warband finale!!!

Here is the rest of the Sons of Entropy warband I was working on recently.  I am very pleased with how they came out.  Although what I envisioned was different from the final product.

Here are the other 4 members of the motley crew.  Ugh, I almost said Motley Crue.  Motley Crue is one of those bands that just doesn't hold up well over time.  I respect the talent, but the metal in me is not moved by their work.  

 The first guy is Steve.  He is a Wolfbane Commando from Warzone Resurrection.  In this setting Steve is a brawler and a thug.  His gatling cannon counts as a machine gun.  He won't get much use out of it with no ammo belt attached.  Oh well.  Maybe the ammunition is sparse after the apocalypse.

 This is Rockso the Rock n' Roll Clown's cousin Sleazy Giggles.  While Rockso is content doing cocaine Sleazy is a completely mad psychopath.  The rest of the warband gives him a very wide berth.  His soiled, grungy clothing gives off a sickening odor.  As can be seen from his equipment and gear he is involved in some very grisly activities.  Why he is allowed to follow the Colonel is frequently discussed by the rest of the group.  Even though they are all brawlers, murderers and brigands Sleazy is truly a monster among them.  The Colonel sees it his duty to curb Sleazy's predatory nature to those who also have a brutal, unforgiving nature.

Here is the other Wolfbane Commando.  Gary is armed with a big, zweihander sword.  He is the brother of Steve.  Their plaid tartan is somewhat similar in design.  I really like this model.  Every time I look at Warzone Resurrection models I get pumped to start painting them.  Their range is amazing.  Check it out if you get the chance.    

And finally the leader of the Sons of Entropy warband.  The Colonel was once an adventurer who finally retired.  He hit his head one day and had delusions of being a noble knight who's duty it was to defend the innocent and helpless.  He set out of retirement to fulfill his obligations.  Unfortunately for him he attracted warriors of an unsavory nature.  Instead of felling them he decided to use their energy to prey on other bands of predators.  His band is strangely loyal to the Colonel and have a proper fear and respect for him.  Although old, he is a formidable fighter who has no reservation in shedding blood.

 Next up is the DbA army III/40a... Viking raiders.  These are all undisciplined raiders which are all Irr Bd (F) (for DbMM) and 3Bd in DbA.  That means they are fast blades.  They move more quickly but will lose ties in combat.  

 Here is the Viking Lord and his retinue of armored huscarls.  The stands fights as 4Bd or Solid Blades.  They do not lose ties =D  In DbMM they are Irr Bd (O).  Blades are very formidable and can manage against other foot in the open and even in rough terrain.  I am not sure how well they fare against Cavalry and Knights.  
 This photo is awful.  I apologize for the quality.  This is a stand of Norse Berzerkers.  They are 3Wb or Fast Warband.  I am not sure what to do with them as they require another warband in rear support to gain a +1 in melee against other foot (sorry, no such benefit against horsemen).  I suspect they can be used as a Psiloi hunter as they will not be impeded by terrain during melee (I think, I may be wrong).  The other stand is a lowly Psiloi.  If I had to choose I'd rather take the fast warband as the 12th stand over the Psiloi.  The Norse lists in DbA don't have many options as opposed to the II / 4 Greeks.  The Athenians can tailor their force to meet almost any force.  They are very flexible.  
I think the Norse are a brute force steamroller that smashes anything in front of them.  Unless they are up against a Warband army.  

 Up next is my Renaissance test stand.  The Renaissance is an interesting period to wargame.  Armies began to change drastically over a small period of time with the advent of the advances in blackpowder weapons.  I had a bunch of Irregular Miniatures Clubmen laying around.  I really liked the model that is sitting down.  My goal is to make a early 1500's French army of Charles the VIII's invasion of Italy.  Pictured here are humble French foot.  They are poorly motivated (the man sitting portrays this quite well).  I need to repaint the banner with the French bananas on it (I forgot the name of those regal devices).  That banner is only used by the king.  The majority of French foot units used a flag with a solid field and a cross.  The border is sometimes yellow.  Certain units have a different color field.  The red flag with the white cross is the regimental banner.  I'll turn the other flag into a company banner.
I plan on making each stand of pikemen having a company banner.  It'll be simple, but will tie the 12 stands of foot together.  It may be conjecture but it looks visually striking.  

 I've been building Landsknechts with Halberds and two handed swords.  Field of Glory Renaissance rules allow a pike Kiel to have 0-2 heavy weapon stands.  They count as Pikes for Point of Advantage determinations (three ranks of pike gain a ++ to causing harm.  It makes a standard 4+ to hit a 2+ to hit).  Heavy Weapons negate any armor advantage a unit may claim.  
I haven't researched it heavily yet to make a informed opinion.  FoG gives you the option to make actual stands of them or just take stands of Pike.  The idea is that if you don't take any Heavy Weapon stands you could base a few heavy weapon soldiers in the front ranks of your pike Kiels.  I like that the writers of the army lists give you the option.  

 I am a big fan of Ghost in the Shell.  Yeah, I even liked the movie.  It reminded me of the animated series "Stand Alone Complex".  This is my take on Togusa.  He is the only non-cyberized member of section 9.  Togusa does have a cyber brain.  The series really doesn't explain why this is any different from the other members.  Although they are all mostly cyberized they too have cyber brains.  Anyways, Togusa is a counter to all the tech the rest of the team has.  Criminals can hack cyber eyes and hide in plain sight.  Since Togusa is all flesh he can't be hacked.  
What's cool about Togusa is he is an excellent detective with great attention to detail.  He carries a revolver instead of an automatic.  I identify with this as a revolver will never jam.  It may have less round capacity.  But it will always fire.  
Togusa is pretty metal.  I used a Max Decker Reaper miniature to make Togusa.
 Last December I painted a few Mishima Ronin warriors.  They are from Warzone Resurrection: Mutant Chronicles.  I have LOTS of issue with the background of Mishima.  It has to do with the Bushido code that the Samurai follow.  It prevents the use of firearms.  Something drastic happened somewhere because Samurai have been using bows for centuries.  It makes sense that Mishiman warriors would charge recklessly into enemy lines.  
Ranged weapons are considered dishonorable.  If that's true then why does EVERY honorable unit in the Mishima list use firearms.  Even the Bushido master has a ranged weapon.  The background talks about innumerable hordes of Bushido Samurai fighting in honorable close combat.  These units of Bushido Samurai are no where to be found in the army lists.  Even the Roc novels about Mutant Chronicles have Mishiman Samurai (well, a Ronin) using firearms.  So does the role playing game.  
I think the decision to use guns was a balance decision for tournament purposes.  Since I play for fun and don't care if I lose I am fine with not using them in the game.  Warzone Resurrection calls for LOTS of terrain.  It shouldn't be an issue to forsake ranged weaponry.

I decided to mitigate that by doing the following.  Bushido Samurai use the same stat line and points costs of Ronin.  However, they have no ranged weapons and are Fearless (2).  Ronin have lost that edge after losing their honor and becoming more pragmatic about warfare.  It would make sense that Ronin and Bushido Samurai are equal in terms of close combat.  I do believe they are the best core melee troops in the game.  

Next week I hope to have more cool stuff painted.  Be safe, and keep painting =D

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