Sunday, November 17, 2013

And now for something completely different...

Hello folks.  It has been a while since my last entry.  I have been super busy with the job and the wife and the pooper.  This Saturday and Sunday have been slow and consequently I have been able to paint.

I have settled on three main projects for the next few months.  Money is tight and I am unable to buy anything new.  That is actually a good thing b/c I hate accumulating new things and never painting it.  It is very easy to get into that habit of running off after that shiny new thing and never finishing what you start.  So after a spirited question and answer phase I decided to show some maturity.  Erm...sort of.

I was working on my Germans for the past few weeks.  I decided to take a break from that and work on something new.  Well, it is not new to me because I have owned these models for quite a while.  What was one project has become three projects.  I am not sure how that happened but there are people working on it.  I decided to pull my Wargames Factory Numidians out of the Spiderman lunchbox!  And the 6mm DaK infantry came with them!!  Oh, there are some German Barbarians I converted from WgF Saxon infantry too.  I have no plans for them b/c they still need big, bushy beards sculpted on them.  You cannot have barbarians without lots of hair.
These guys are not Barbarians.  I remember reading those 2nd edition AD&D manuals.  Everything was backwards.  The wizards were old, hairy hermits with beards they have been growing for twenty years.  And all the barbarians were smooth skinned and clean shaven dudes in furry sling shot briefs!!  By the way I loved that movie as a kid.  My cousin and I used to watch in constantly.  They do not make movies that way anymore.  No one would CG the buffalo shots like the ones in this goofy movie.  If an emerald fits in your navel you get to be queen!  What a concept.  

I digress...I am painting some new guys for the moment.  

These guys are from Wargames Factory's Roman line.  They are supposed to be Numidian light infantry.  If i remember correctly they are advertised as being converted into dozens of different historic ancient era soldiers.  The only limit is your patience with sculpting.  I have decided to use them as either Sea Peoples Soldiers or Persian Greek levy infantry.  On the latter half I see them as Ilyrians or very poor Greek farmers.  The Persians come through and they capitulate to them.  It works for me as the Persians had subject soldiers from multiple countries.  I balk at the fact that my knowledge comes from wargaming rules and not a historical book.  Oh well, this is all fantasy anyways.  In addition to these 8 guys I have another group of primed soldiers on 40mm x 40mm bases ready to be painted.  These guys on the 1x2 stands are the back rank.  

I am not quite sure what rules to use with them.  I am trying to keep game rules down to three basic categories.  These are one (count 'em, ONE) historical set, one fantasy set and one sci fi set.  The good news is that my sci fi choice is Epic Armageddon.  They are a free download on the Games Workshop website.  You can also find all sorts of great army lists here .
The one difference is that I choose to use miniatures other than GW approved minis.  There are great 6mm models out there that are a fraction of the cost of the GW ones.  This means I also have to change the names of units, etc.  I have a whole backstory to support a non-40K world.  

That is all for this week.  I hope to get some more painting finished in time for Turkey Day.