Saturday, January 24, 2015

Rules, rules and more rules

I have become a rules caddy.  Life has prevented me from really getting any gaming in.  I did almost finish painting a 6mm SumerIan DbA force.  The car accident I was in messed up the pikemen's pikes.  I fractured my right hand in two places and sustained a traumatic Brain injury.  My wargaming hobby has been put on hold for the last month.  The only thing I can do is read rules.
It has given me some perspective on gaming goals.  Typically I have at leat three gaming ideas at once.   One of them is always ww2.  I have gone through several government sanctioned streamlining programs.   I made a corporate decision to only deal in 6mm models.  I gave myself some political breathing room by allowing some kick backs in the 15mm arena.  But for the most part I am solely a 6mm man.

DbA is going to be a keeper for me.  I was introduced to it by a really nice guy at a hobby town UsA.  I loved the simplicity of the rules.  I had plans for a Mongolian army in 20 mm but we parted wayS.  The great thing about 6mm is that you can build a force for $20 - $60.  My 6mm SumerIan army pack from irregular was about $35.  It gave me enough models to make the SumerIan force and a good start on an Elam force and a Zagros highlander army.
I also have a baccus 6mm Greek army pack in the mail.   That will hopefully give me a later hoplite Thessalian and an Athenian army.  I have plans for a Theban and Spartan force.  I want to eventually branch out into DbMM.  That is a great set of rules.

Ww2 has several options. I have some 15mm plastic soldier company American infantry.  I also have some ghq German DaK infantry, heavy weapons and a few half tracks.  I could go the bolt action rules in 15mm or Crossfire in 6mm route.  I have gotten into the close combat pc game model lately.  I used to play close combat 3 all the time back in the day.  Naturally I want to reflect that in my wargaming endeavors.  The 1:1 scale is definitely what i am into.  I saw someone do flames of war in 6mm.  It looked really cool.
The more i consider this decision the more perplexed i becoMe.  I like Crossfire but bolt action is a really nice system.  All of the rules and the supplements are pretty cheap in the Amazon Kindle bookstore.  I bought the Italy and Axis supplement.  I consider myself a Italian ww2 history buff.  The interest started when the original Flames of war italian army book came out.  I am not sure what intrigued me but i have kept the fires burning.  I do not know everything about Italy during the war.  I just enjoy it aS a subject.  The supplement has a infantry squad based on the  Italian navy'S marines.  I had no idea Italy had these San Marco marines.
I have to decide to do Crossfire or Bolt Action.  My basING plans for 6mm are on the team level.  One small FoW base would have 3 DaK infantry and one LmG gunner.   6 bases of these guys and three pennies with 2 models on them is a platoon.  the penny bases are squad leaders.  So two bases of 4 men and a penny base with two men make one squad of 10 men.
Bolt Action is based differently.  One model would be mounted on one penny.  The BaR team is a bigger 3 man base.  My bazooka team is mounted on a team base too.  My 2nd Lt is on a 25mm base.  This is to set him apart on the table.  The general rule is infantry men are on single bases.  Weapons teamS are based together.
I wish I had photos. Given my injuries I am unable to do photos.

To be honest I like both rule sets for different reasons.

My next (and final) rules decision is Sci fi.  I like epic  Armageddon and dirtside 2.  I am leaning more towards dirtside 2 because the basing is by team and a unit of infantry is a squad.  Epic'S units become more brittle the smaller they are.  I always wanted to leave a detachment behind to defend something.  Anything separated from the main unit body is destroyed. You could house rule this but the fact is a four stand unit will be ripped to shreds.  Dirtside 2 lets you leave a squad behind with no loss in combat power.
Epic has no system to make units.  Dirtside lets you design every unit. One thing I look for in a Sci fi or fantasy game is the ability to create your own units.
I have created my own Sci fi universe.  I based all the factions off of the epic army lists.  I will say they have no comparison with their 40k brethren.  I looked at the army lists and made up my own stories.  I think it is fairly unique.   That will be for another post.

There you have it.  I really like ww2 and ancients as wargaming eras.  Secondary eras include Sci fi, fantasy and black powder / horse and musket (30 years war, American War of Independence and the French and Indian wars).  I am glad I came to terms with wargaming periods.