Sunday, February 15, 2015

Plans are starting to take shape... 2015 painting goals!

I am still recovering from the car accident we suffered from in December.  I have made some more solid wargaming plans.

I am doing Spearhead WW2 in 3mm.  My addiction for 1:1 scale wargaming has taken over.
Speaking of that I decided to do 6mm WW2 with the Schwere Kompas set of rules.  The designer is a nice guy.  I am modding the rules so that each base is a team and the teams link up to for a squad.  The rules usually call for a stand to be a squad.  One inch is 100 yards in the game.  I want to make it 3 inches for 100 yards.  The focus is much more of a platoon scale than the company level.

DbA is still the same.  I have my Greeks and my Sumerians need their spears re-pinned.

I have a little set of modern rules called no end in sight.  I am going to do individually based 15mm models.  My theater is a pseudo African country at some point in the 60s or 70s.  I am taking a lot of artistic licensing with my unit choices.  I am excited to see how it all turns out. The rules are great too.  Check them out at wargames vault.

And finally my last project is historical in nature.  It is the taiping rebellion that took place from 1851-1866.  I am still in the research phase because I know nothing about Chinese history.  I could go into more detail but I will refrain.  It is very interesting.  I will say that most of the armies involved used hand weapons and a smattering of old Matchlocks.   compare this to the civil war going on in North America at the same time.

Here are my painting goals for 2015 in order of priority:

3mm Russian early war (this should be fast as 3mm paints quickly. It is really the basing that is time consuming).

DbA Sumerians
DbA Greek Athenians

6mm DaK platoon w/ support

15 mm African cold war

Random 6mm and 15mm terrain projects
(Terrain making never ends)

Converting GHQ Viet cong soldiers into chinese infantry in coolie hats with bamboo spears.

I will try to post at least every other week with updates.

PS  I am not paid to plug any of these games.  I just like them!

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