Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Well, Mr.smarty pants have you ever gone back in time? I farted way out of an elevator.

I just finished my Guild Ball field!  The game is great fun.  It almost replaces Blood Bowl for me.  My only gripe about the game is that you cannot make your own teams and players. 
You have to use the teams provided for the game.  That being said the teams are awesome.  I currently own five of them.  I have the Brewers (completely painted except for Stoker), the Alchemists, the Butchers, the Morticians and the Fishermen.

I go back and forth on which team I like.  The Brewers are a favorite due to the fact that I painted them first.  The plaid tartans really are a nice touch to giving them lots of character.  Mash has a great ability thay allows him to immediately volley the ball into the goal if it is passed to him.  His miniature is also amusing. The Morticians are also a team that appeals to me.  Their field control mechanics look Intriguing and I really like the models.  And then there are the alchemists.  Their area of effect attacks can really hem the other team in and hinder plans.  You have to choose between avoiding a possible play or taking damage and possibly a bad status effect.  Steam forged recently updated the stats for Midas (the team captain) and Katalyst (the blocker/lineman).  Midas is an awesome forward attacker.  Look out for him as he is a very aggressive forward with lots of kick range.  Katalyst is a flaming inferno.  He always has the burning condition.  While he is always losing life he can also hurt the opposing team.  I am not sure how to use him.  He is definitely a maverick.

And finally there are the fishermen.  They were championed by a friend of mine named (Death) Michelle.  She always played them so I never got to give them a try.  They are very fast and can score early goals well.  Where they suffer is mid to late game.  Their low armor and health will result in many knock outs by the opposing team.  I plan on painting them.  (Death) Michelle wants me to paint Angel with a purple headband / scarf.

They all have very different play styles that make for a unique game every match.  Someone likened GB to Warmachine/Hordes.  I have to agree it does share some similarities.

My field took some time to make.  It was worth it as I now have a fully portable field.  I think it looks much better than the mat.

I plan on posting again in about a month or two.  I have really gotten behind due to life.
I want to thank Buttley and Metal Jenn from the SHARE program in Atlanta, Ga.  They helped me make the field a possibility.  Just when I was about to give up Buttley reminded me about it and helped me get started.  It was a little push and it went a long way.