Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dorothy's House....no curled up socks to be found!!

I have a lot of stuff to cover today.  I want to start with my 15mm terrain projects.  These two pieces sat around for a few months unfinished.  Nothing annoys me more than partially completed projects.  It seems lazy and impulsive to dive into an idea without completing it.  This first picture is my pig pen.  Wait a minute.  I am getting a head of myself.  I need to give credit to matakishi's teahouse.
He is strictly a 28mm man.  I took some of his stuff and converted it down to 15mm.  I also used a different medium for creating the pieces.  I believe it is unique enough that I am not copying him.  The first set of pictures are of my pig pen.  I do not have any pigs to put in the pen.  I guess the rebels have taken all the livestock away on previous raids.  I will be using this for my pseudo African conflicts.  If you look in the back ground you can see some other 15's and some of the colonial governments tanks.  I will do more with that in another post.

This is the barn house.  You can see the outhouse in the back where the colonial farmer drops deuces.  You may be wondering why I have American style buildings in Africa.  Well, I changed theaters after I made this stuff.  My colonial farmer studied in the US in college.  He was so struck by the rustic qualities of the South that when he got home he built a farm based on of that influence.

The next bit on the list.  I wanted to make some unique suppression markers for Spearhead.  When a unit is fired upon there is a chance for three things to occur.  It can be one of three things.  It could be nothing, a suppression or the destruction of the platoon's combat ability.  If a unit is suppressed you have to mark the unit.  This will cause to unit be unable to move or return fire until it rallies.  I made a bunch of explosion markers using circle bases, wire and tree flock.  I sprayed painted it black and then painted them to look like big explosions.  I am wary that the suppression markers are a little on the big side for 3mm.  The next few sets I make will be smaller in size.  I think these will be big 155 artillery barrages.  

My next thing is a very tiny side project.  I have some 1/6000 scale ww2 warships.  I love all things Italian about WW2.  The battle of Cape Spada is a small cruiser clash that occurred in the Mediterranean.  Two Italian light cruisers (Bartolomeo Colleoni and the Giovanni dalle Bande Nere) were chasing 5 British H class destroyers.  The destroyers lured the two cruisers into the range of the HmAS Sydney and a destroyer.  When the smoke cleared the Colleoni was sunk and the Bande Nere withdrew to safer waters.  I went out and picked up the ships for less than $20.  I am going to use the free rules Seekreig 4 to play the engagement.  Here is the scenario if you are interested in reading more http://www.ghqmodels.com/pdf/wwii_micronauts_scenarios/2.pdf.
At some point I would like to own the entire Italian navy.  It was on the smaller side in terms of numbers.  These ships paint up extremely fast.  If you look at the Sydney you may be able to see the naval camo on the hull.  The two Italian cruisers are in the last picture.  Italian ships were interesting with their top deck recognition.  I usually do not like to show models that are half painted.  People want to see painted models and not primed stuff.  I am moving this up the list for painting because it is a small side project.  I also plan on doing the Battle of River Plate.  It is a engagement of the German pocket battleship Graf Spee against 3 British cruisers.

This class of Italian light cruiser is called the Condoterri II.  There were 4 ships in the class.  The ship model had 4 series.  Each series were slightly different from each other.  In terms of guns they had 6 6" guns and 4 4" secondary AA guns.  These ships were fairly fast but were severely under armored.  I think the Italians based their ship designs on the premise that they would be attacking the French.  It would be neat to do a few hypothetical battles with French and Italian ships.

I have also started painting my DbA Athenian Hoplite force.  I am really happy to be getting started on that.  Stay posted for more news next week.

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