Monday, February 16, 2015

Athenians and Sumerianianianianianianianians

I have the start of two of my projects here.

The Sumerians were painted earlier in 2014.  The pikemen's spears were clipped off and replaced with cut down straight pins.  I used a thumb tack and poked a hole in the hands of the models.  I then stuck the pin into the hole and used super glue to hold it in place.

After the accident the pikemen had some of their spears knocked loose.  As you can see in the photo about half of the spears survived the collisions.  That proves to me the technique is pretty durable.  Notice the loose spear bits in the middle of the cutting board.  The models are Irregular miniatures.  I am missing the blade unit that the DbA 3.2 list requires.  That will have to happen in a later miniature purchase.  I will do either Assyrian Auxilia with spears or Hebrew Light/Medium Spearmen from Irregular.

Here is my Athenian force.  It is ready to be primed and painted and flocked!  I used Baccus 6mm Greeks for this.  I bought a Greek army pack for $40.  The pack will give me this Athenian army AND a Thessalian force.  That book the models are resting on is the DbMM army book #2.  

I clipped the 4 man strips that Baccus casts their models on to make the Irregular spear units that are listed in the army book.  You can see the thin metal bases with a few figures glued to it.  I always put a few figures onto the base and the rest of them are on wooden sticks.  After everything is painted I will glue the hoplites to the bases.  I like DbA as it gives you a little taste of an army without breaking the bank.  The other nice thing is that I have a decent start on a Later Greek Hoplite Athenian (or Thessalian) army.  

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