Friday, October 30, 2015

Hey, hey. Wait. What's a fellowship? It's a gay bar down on 9th. Aren't you glad we're thanking the Lord for a nautically themed gay bar?! Xyston 1/600 Greek Trireme review.

I wanted to do a review of the Xyston 1/600 Greek Trireme.  I think ancient naval combat is really interesting.  The loss of life is staggering.  I do not glorify that fact.  

Xyston mailed this and another one just like very quickly.  Each ship comes in a little cocaine bag like the one shown in this photo.

The kit comes with sails unfurled and furled (?).  You could also do the ship with the masts but no sails.  I have also seen other people model their ships with no masts or sails.  You really get a lot of options for your money.

I will warn you that this kit has no instructions.  You will have to look at reference material on the internet or elsewhere.  It took me some time to figure out where the mast spines went.  I wish Xyston would post some instructions.

Here is the finished model.  I decided to have the main sails deployed and the smaller sails tied up.  I also added some rigging to make the ship look cooler.  Xyston also sells crewmen and marines to run around on the decks of your ships.  They probably look better on the larger Hellenistic and Roman era ships.  I have added green stuff to simulate waves.  It is very similar to my Italian WW2 ships basing.  

These ships are awesome.  I was expecting them to be smaller in scale.  There are a few other companies that sell ancient era ships.  I am not on a first named basis but their product also looks good.  I plan on using these ships in games of DbMM and DbA.  

Highly recommended!!!

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