Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Carl, I see you noticing my braids....No, I'm not.

This is a super special entry.  I just finished my next warband for Warfare in the Age of Madness.  I do not in any way agree with the political and ethical views of these armies.  Every thing I create is purely for my love of science fiction and post apocalyptic action.  My advice:  Do not read into this.

Here is my fancy new Hilter Jeugend Panzer division force.  Supporters of Hilter hid in America after the war.  They secretly stockpiled weapons from the American industrial war machine.  At some point in the future these idealists were going to cause an uprising and restore the Hilter's reich to it's former glory.  Although this time the revolution would be on American soil.  This new 4th Reich would lead to the glory of all Aryan people.  

The first picture is the completed force.  It is completely mechanized.  The army racial traits are Hawkeyes and Glass Jawed.  This means they can shoot better and are reluctant go get into close assaults.  The soldiers are not cowards.  They do not have many numbers and their officers have to be careful about close range assaults.  There are not many blue eyed, blonde haired people after the apocalypse.

This is a Zvezda German Opel Blitz truck.  It has been modified with sand bags and metal plates for protection.  The truck has a German feel that makes it fit the character of the army.  The camo pattern is based on one of the late war tank patterns.  The 4th Reich tried to stay as pure to the originals as possible.  

 Notice all the ammo cans in the back of the truck.  This model has a soldier with an MP40.

Here is one of the M113 ApC the Hilter Jeugend soliders use.  It has some stowage and some camo netting.  I want to add some bushes.  The Germans used lots of branches and foilage for camo.  They still do from what I heard while in the Army.

This is the other track in the force.  It has a TC in the commander's hatch.  The TC has a few 50 cal ammo cans and some sand bags on the top deck.  I realize that doing this is a green habit of someone who has never had stuff fall off a vehicle.  I almost had a 240B ammo belt fall off the side of a M113 one time.  It was scary because if the tracks had run over the rounds they would have cooked off.  It looks cool.  I can let the functionality of the placement of the sand bags and ammo pass.

Here are the objective markers.  The opposing forces each place two of these.  They get victory points for looting them by making a teamwork roll.  The Hilter Jeugend force has average teamwork (4+).

Here are the booby trap base and the mines base.  The booby trap is placed at the beginning of the game in a strategic spot.  The mines are laid by engineers as a deterrent to entering an area.  If a unit gets withing 4" of the mines (or booby trap) it can possibly go off.

The two rifle/Mg teams.  One of them has a MG42 and the other an M60.  Most of the men have M16s.  There is a Mauser rifle in there too.
These are the assault rifle teams.  The closer stand is an engineer stand.  There are two little shovels to show this.  The AR teams also have rocket launchers.

I had an issue getting this photo to not look weird.  The larger stand is a rifle/Mg team recon stand.  They give support to the dedicated sniper stand.  This sniper has the only headgear in the force outside of the TC on the m113 and the commander.  These guys range ahead and locate supplies for the main body.  They have enough fire power to pin down enemy stands but can be overrun quite easy.

This is the command stand.  He has an M16 strapped over his shoulder.  His assistant is there for protection.

The last two stands are the Medic and the machine gun team.  The medic has the distinction of being the only older guy in the force.  The other men are all much younger.  He has grey hair. 
My goal with this force was to get a really German military feel with more modern weaponry.  I think I pulled this off and am mostly pleased with the results.  The camo smocks the men wear are based off of SS camo pea dot and some fallschirmjager patterns.  I am excited to put these guys up against my other painted force.  The motivation to paint things increases when you refuse to play with unpainted models.

Here is my next project for WiAoM.  This is a very small and compact force.  They are a small group of battle hardened survivalists.  Survival has been a part of their life for a very long time.  This team is hard to kill and can hopefully really punish an attacker.  It consists of 2 rifle teams, 2 assault rifle teams, a MG team, a medic, a sniper, a commander and a booby trap.  One of the AR teams is an engineer who can lay some mines.  Engineers can also defuse a mine, booby trap or an IeD.  

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